which case + 500w psu will be enough for gtx 760 ?!

i will get msi gtx 760 twin frozer oc 170w
and an i5-4690 84w processor
so some people told me if u will get good 500w psu it will be enough
i want to buy a case+psu because it's much cheaper than buying case alone and psu alone
i have 2 choices
zalman z3 plus + zalman zm500 l.e
cooler master k380 + extreme power plus 500w ?!
so whic case + 500w psu is better enough for the card
thx fo reading :)
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    The reason case/PSU combos are cheaper is because the PSUs are usually junk. I'd advise against that choice. If you are going to go with a 500W PSU, pick one from the top 2 tiers in this list:

    If you insist on going the combo route, go with the Zalman combo. It has slightly better +12V ratings.
  2. I would go with a Seasonic 520W PSU or a XFX 550W PSU.
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