$1300 first Gaming PC build high end

use as gaming & record gameplay like (bf4 watch,dogs,titanfall,minecraft)
and i want the graphic can run ultra/high while recording (fraps)
dual monitors
no overclocking

i am living in Hong Kong the price maybe cheaper
i wanna build a round $1300

-CPU $306
-VGA card$397.5
GIGABYTE, NV, GTX770 OC, 4GB GDDR5 (watch dogs gift )
-motherboard $223.75
Asus Maximus VII HERO, Z97, ATX
-ram $140
Kingston, Hyper-X, 16GB (2x8GB), DDR3-1600, CL10
-powersupply $93.75
Cooler Master GXII PRO 750-Watt Power Supply
-SSD$112.4 +(i have a 1TB HDD)
crucial M500 240gb
-case and monitor i dun know how to choose

i have some question to ask :
1)should i choose r9 290 replace gtx770 and buy a watch dogs copy for myself ?

2)16GB ram enough to run premiere pro cs6 and gaming together?

3)did i need to use the exact same monitors to run dual monitors?

4)i7 4771 or 4790 is better?

thx for helping : ]
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  1. Best answer
    1) whatever you have is perfect..
    2)16 gb of ram is enough but if you are a hardcore gamer then you can upgrade it.....
    3) yes
    4) intel i7 4790 is better
    hope I helped :) :) :)
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