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Can i use my LG FLATRON E1942 18.5 inch monitor for high end gaming ? or do i need to change it?
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    That is a matter of preference. Personally, I wouldn't want to use an 18" monitor for "high end gaming".

    If its the most you can afford than yes. If you are choosing between upgrading the monitor and upgrading something else -- upgrade the monitor to at least 22" and 1080p immediately.
  2. OP messaged me to ask about FPS in larger and smaller monitors. I respond publicly so the forum can be of help to others:

    The thing that impacts FPS is the resolution you play at, not the size of the screen. You could play at 1040 x 680 on your new monitor too (assuming it can run a lower resolution).

    I don't have any knowledge of your computer specs, however FPS should be a secondary concern in most situations. I do think that 18" is abnormally small for gaming -- most players play at at least 720p. For FPS, I would recommend playing at a minimum of 720p with the graphics settings turned down instead of playing on a smaller screen-- so you still get the scope of view that other players get.

    I personally play at 1440p and ~80fps, but I spent enough on mine that I should be in the top percentile :-)
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