GPU stopped working, fans still spin

My friends helped me build a computer last year and its been working great since but now I can't seem to get any signal from my graphics card. The fans on the card still spin. I tried removing the card and putting it back in but nothing changed. I'm currently using the onboard graphics to get by.

Motherboard: Asus z87
CPU: i5-4670
RAM: crucial ballistic sport (2x 4gb)
GPU: xfx radeon HD 7950
PSU: crosair tx 650w
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  1. There's a fair chance its dead. Try it in another pc. Try another card in your pc. - Just to confirm whether its the card or something else on the pc.
  2. unfortunately i don't have any other systems in the house to test my card in nor do I have any spare cards around. Is there any other way for me to confirm the card is dead. The card is less then a year old.
  3. I would suggest that you reseat the RAM. Remove each stick, clean the contacts, blow out the slot, and then reinstall. When there's time ,I would run memtest.

    The other possibilities are the drivers and power supply.

    Here are two checklists for "no video output".
  4. As I said in the intial post the computer has been working great for almost a year and just recently stopped outputting from the graphics card. The computer other wise works fine using the on board graphics. Now however it seems that the fans on the card are no longer spinning when I start up the computer.
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    That would imply either that the card has officially died or the power supply is nearing its demise.
  6. terry4536 said:
    That would imply either that the card has officially died or the power supply is nearing its demise.

    is there a way to tell if the problem is the power supply or the card? I've since removed the card and am using the on board graphics and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the help.
  7. You can test the power supply with a multimeter. You can monitor the voltage with a monitoring utility supplied by the motherboard manufacturer or one like this.

    You can also use a PSU tester. Or, you can bring it to a PC repair shop and have them test it.
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