now i want to buy gpu which is the best zotac 780 ti or amd r9 290x

which is the best in future zotac 780 ti or amd r9 290x
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    GTX 780 outperforms R9 290 & performs on the par with R9 290x, so GTX 780 Ti will easily beat R9 290x.
    Though there is big price difference between 780Ti & R9 290x, if budget is not the issue then GTX 780 Ti is the way to go for current & to-be released games otherwise R9 290x won't let you down and is a great card for its price range.
  2. gtx 780 ti is better
  3. gtx is better no doubt but 290x is good for your money.
    Even if you are not in a budget i would say 290x it can handle all current games almost as much as gtx.
    sure it would outdate earlier than gtx but money saved today you can spend tomorrow probably on another amd ;-)
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