Please help me with graphic cards

Im a mr play-a-lot guy! Have done and am doin other things with pc also..
But currently I am having an issue with graphic cards...
And not sure if im making this up or is it true.
So heres the question:
Are pc-s (laptops) better with 2 graphic cards or better with one?
For an example I am using atm a laptop whih has Geforce GT 630M + integrated graphs card and now my geforce card is dead
while my bother bought almost the same pc as me (same motherboard) but with only one graphic card (ATI radeon 8450)
and hes pc is still working.
Iv got this gut feeling that one graphic card is better than having 2.. please tell me if im wrong
and cons/bros of having 2 or 1 g-cards in pc.
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    First thing is there is always and always one graphic card in your pc or laptop . For example if you bought just a normal pc without graphic card then it will show you that it has intel gma or amd onboard graphic card of usually 32 to 768 megabytes (MB) . But my friend these gpu's are not made for gaming as they use ur pc resources as their resource (RAM CPU) . And coming to the question if you fit a graphic card in a normal pc offcourse there will be 1+1 = 2 gpu's . Out of which only one (probably dedicated ) is working and other is just booting with pc(Default one) . In the case of a laptop there is always 1 onboard and in your case your brother has 1 onboard of processor brand + radeon . Forget it all the thing is same with pc and laptop . But the laptops just give an option to use which gpu in nvidia control panel and amd catalyst control centre . Pc versions of these suits won't give such options hence you are confused . But always remember 1 Inbuilt and 1 dedicated(There may be or not ) = 2.
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