Oppinions for gigabyte z87x oc and i7 4770k

Hello guys,

I have recently bought an i7 4770k and im looking for a mobo. A friend of mine is selling his ga z87 oc for a really good price + 8gb 1333mhz ram.

Im not an overcloker enthusiast but i would like to try and overclock my i7 4770k
I have an r9 280x gpu, a 840pro ssd and a 750w thermaltake psu.

What is your opinion for this mobo?

Thank you
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    Gigabyte Z87x OC uses 8 Phase CPU power design which is sufficient for overclocking i7 4770k, so it will be a good deal

    But if your friend changes plan to sell the motherboard then I would recommend Asus Z87-A/Z97-A LGA 1150
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