What GPU should i buy?

Which gpu out of the r9 280x, r9 290, gtx 770 or gtx 780 should i buy? Im looking to buy the gpu that will last me the longest and is powerful enough to max most games for the next year or two on a single monitor in 1080p
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    r9 290 is the best card. it could last you up to 5 yrs depending on if you don't mind to turn down the graphics a bit.
  2. Yup. At 1080 a 290 will max out all games for a few years id imagine.

    A 280x will max out most games for a year or two.
  3. So the r9 290 is the best one out of those? Good because where I live, I can get a Gigabyte Windforce r9 290 for $450 while the GTX 780 EVGA ACX costs a whooping $670!!! Thanks for the replies guys :)
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