Best Graphics Card For My System

Hi. I'm looking to buy a used card (I don't have a lot of money).
My PC specs are: PSU 250w
CPU: AMD Athlon x2 64 4400+, 2.3Ghz
HDD: 320GB
No DVD-R or other components.
What card do you think is best that will work on my PC? (add better options if possible)

My options are: GT240, GT440, GT640, HD4670, HD5670, HD6670
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  1. I wouldn't recommend using any of those cards with a 250W psu. Even for the GT240, a 300W psu is recommended. However, the number of amps available on the +12V rail(s) is more important than total wattage, so please see if you can find that detail.
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    For a GT 240, you'd want 18 amps on the +12V rail. Thus I suggest you save up a bit until you can afford a new psu as well.
  3. What about this one? is it good? it says 2 12V rails.. 22A and 20A
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