Replacing Boot drive with SSD. Transfering the OS?

I want to replace my 500g Seagate boot drive with a Samsung 250G SSD. Will I be able to use software like the Seagate disc program to move the OS to the dew disc or do I have to reinstall Win 7
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    Clean install on the new SSD is by far the preferred way ahead. There are vaious migration tools if you really want to go down that path.

    You have to look at how much space is used on the current HDD, and how large your SSD is. Since you have a 250GB, you need the actual used space on the HDD to be below 200GB if you really want to migrate it over.

    Have any critical files saved elsewhere and offline, just in case. The migration procedure is not completely foolproof.

    As said...a clean install on the new drive is the recommended way ahead.
  2. Samsung SSDs such as t 840 Evo come with Disc cloning software which does t job excellently - no need for further software
  3. Thanks guys. Looking forward to that snappy silent performance booting up and loading programs. I will reduce size by removing a ton of stuff from the "my downloads" file to my separate data drive and try the cloning software. If not I can go with the full install. I have and will backup. My luck has not been good with backups lately so I am doing it twice in two places with two systems. Belt and suspenders.
  4. Good luck - the cloning route worked fine for me....
  5. When you add the SSD if you run into any reduced function and your MB has multiple types of SATA 2 inputs put the data drives on one set and the SSD on the other.
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