Does the MSI A78M-E35 fit a GTX780 EVGA ACX Cooling?

Well I have a GTX650Ti Boost now but I just realised it sucks ass. I got a new 700 Watt PSU and going to get a EVGA GTX780 superclocked. Will my motherboard support it? ( Does the MSI A78M-E35 fit a GTX780 EVGA ACX Cooling? )
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    MSI A78M-E35

    Yes it will it has 1 PCIE 3.0 slot

    Expansion Slots

    PCI Express 3.0 x16

    PCI Express x1

    PCI Slots
  2. Thanks bro will my Mini ATX case fit it or should I buy another one too?
  3. What is your case allowance for Graphic card length.
  4. It is this one :) Rosewill LINE-M Micro-ATX Mini Tower Computer Case
  5. Case supports Support up to 12.5" video card.

    Card Dimensions EVGA GTX780 superclocked
    10.5"(L) x 4.4"(H)

    Yes it will fit.
  6. Damn bro thank you so much!!
  7. Anytime glad to assist!
  8. Where do you get your intel?
  9. Years of experience , built a huge database of info.
  10. Oh I see :) well I am just new into it and always do rersearch before I ask someone but I couldn't find anyone.
  11. If you ever have questions I'm on here quite a bit just ask.
  12. K man I will remember it :)
  13. Would my X4 760K bottleneck this?
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