new build set-up.. motherboard & CPU needed.. Z97,Z87 and 4670k,4770k

hi.. im building my new rig intel set-up.. i needed a help to choose what and which kind of motherboard & CPU i needed.. i dont know which one should i buy.. any suggestion would be appreciated.. im looking for a Z97 or Z87 and i5 4670k or i7 4770k..(which one should i prefer for future proofing too..?). my budget is $90-150 for motherboard.. im currently playing Dayz and ARMA 3... On ARMA 3 on my AMD setup(fx-6300 with GTX 660) i only get 20-30fps on a low or high settings i wanted to have at least 40fps low to play ARMA 3..

heres im trying to build..

my max budget is $1300


reverse set-up
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    Hello, there!
    If you want future proof build go with 4770k and Asus z97 mobo, OCable one (imo Maximus VII Hero is great choice). Also get better cpu cooler (not that this one is bad, just spend few more dollars for good one) so u can overclock and still get below 55-60 degrees (at stress) -- I see u prefer air so, go with Noctua nh-d14 or nh-d15.. SO get 4770k + Hero VII mobo + Noctua Cpu cooler and U will still be under 1300$, to max it u can get faster ram (2133mhz) and maybe 16gb
  2. here's my reverse set-up.. whats your opinion please?..thanks..
  3. AcidCooL said:
    here's my reverse set-up.. whats your opinion please?..thanks..

    its ok, just add 2 more fans to replace the 2 on your cpu cooler, get noctua (15$ each) - they are more silent and with better temp performance , otherwise this cpu cooler is one of the best atm. Just remember when u overclock your cpu keep it under 70c (not that 80 will kill it, just under 70 got better lifespan)
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