Help with SSD replacement in MSI GT60

I have a MSI GT60 2oC, and I need help replacing my disk drive and HDD with an ssd and a bigger HDD. I want to remove my disk drive and my current 1 tb hdd for a ssd (Samsung 840 evo or pro) and a 2tb HDD (was cheap, why not).
I have 2 questions.
1. Should I go with the Samsung 840 Evo or the 840 Pro? Its a $50 difference on Newegg as I am going for the 250 GB SSD.
2. How would I go about replacing my disk drive and current HDD? My GT60 has a convenient back panel that lets me access all the components of my computer and makes for easy swaps, but im wondering if I need any adapters or anything.
Specs are:
i7 4700mq
GTX 770M
8gb ddr3
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    It's all simple plug and play. There is usually a foam pad on the end of the hdd that holds it in place that you slide out, then you can remove the storage device.

    I'd go for the EVO, I doubt you need the pro. Not worth the money to the average consumer or gamer.
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