I can't log on to my adminstartor account. It keeps saying : The User Profile Service Service Failed the logon

I am trying to log into my administrator account so I can do my work but every time I use my pass word it keeps telling me the same thing

"The User Profile Service Service failed log on" How do I fix this
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  1. Do you remember running out of space on your boot volume? If so - boot with some LiveCD, and free up some space (C:\Windows\Temp is good candidate for pruning).
  2. I hear your problem and would like to help you. My suggestion would be to delete the corrupted account and create a new account and copy data to new account. To do so you start by creating a new account and transferring to it.
    To do so you must do the following:

    Creating new account:
    Click start > type MMC and press enter. (For some windows users may require a admin login)
    On the left side of Microsoft Management Console > Click Local Users and Groups* > Double-Click Users folder.
    Then click the action tab at top of the window and click New User and fill out the fields and click OK.

    (* If you don't see Local Users and Groups, it's probably because that snap-in hasn't been added to Microsoft Management Console. Follow these steps to install it:

    In Microsoft Management Console, click the File menu, and then click Add/Remove Snap-in.

    Click Local Users and Groups, and then click Add.

    Click Local computer, click Finish, and then click OK.)

    Transferring to New account:
    Log into your new account.
    Go to your C: Drive(system drive) and double click users folder.
    Navigate to your old user account you are transferring from.
    Next click My documents under user you navigated to.
    Then click the tools menu at top of window. Click View and then click the option saying "show hidden files, folders, and more" (make sure it is enabled) Next you clear the option saying "hide protected operating systems files". (make sure it is disabled)
    Open previous my documents window from old user to transfer from.
    Copy all files & folders EXCEPT: (Ctrl + C)


    Once copied go to My documents for current user and paste (Ctrl + V)

    How to delete the account (along with the error SID):
    Click Start > Right click My Computer > Click properties
    Then under "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" Click Change Settings
    In system properties window click Advanced > Then under user profiles Click settings. Then click the user account and delete it.
    Next to delete the SID you have to go into Windows registry. To do so you must:
    Click start > regedit
    Then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
    Delete the entry that has your old username under the profile image path.

    Value name = ProfileImagePath
    Value data = C:\Users\Administrator

    Hope this helps! :-)
  3. @Daylio - you probably know that in order for these steps to be executed, one shoud already be able to log on ;)
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