Worth upgrading computers from craigslist?

I have been looking to buy a desktop capable of playing new releases on high-ultra settings for as little money as possible. I have been finding some good ones for $250-$350 on Craigslist (used). One option is a Dell XPS 8500 for $280 with bad graphics cards (theres two- HD 7570 and GT 610) but with good other parts (cpu, ram), and peripherals I would otherwise have to buy as it would be my first setup: 2 monitors, keyboard, and mouse. The other options are $300 desktops which have a (relatively) good graphics card, but much worse other parts (eg. HD 7850, 8gb ram, pentium g850 2.9ghz, 500gb hdd) and without the peripherals. I am currently leaning to the xps 8500.

The Dell XPS has:
-16gb ram
-i7 3770 cpu
-1tb hdd + 30gb ssd
-GT 610 and HD 7570
-Dell U2412M and Asus PA238QR Monitors (quite nice monitors)
-Keyboard, mouse, headphones and hdmi cable (not too relevant)
-An unfortunately small case

The graphics card is not good at all, so I would have to upgrade it. I am looking to get a HD 7870, maybe this (dell was selling a config with the HD 7870 card). I have researched a lot, but I have two issues:
- The XPS seems to have a 460 watt PSU, and the minimum requirement for the 7870 is 500 watts.
- A dell employee on a dell forum claimed that the PSU couldn't be switched.

I have never upgraded a desktop before, and I really don't want to buy then break the dell. I also have a rather low budget, but can spend slightly over it if I find it worth it.
Any help/response/advice would be appreciated!!!
Thanks! :)
Note: this is my first post, so I hope I did everything right.
Update: I'm also thinking of the option of upgrading the graphics to a GTX 750 ti as the Wattage is 400w..
Update again: The desktop is most likely not in my reach anymore.
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  1. Lol the gt610 is a bad over power eating card. If I were you Id get:

    Gtx 650TI-----100$
    Gtx 750TI-----115$
    2 GT320's-----60$
    You can upgrade the PSU don't listen to the support listen to us
  2. Though it will be hard because its a factory made computer
  3. Thanks, although I don't think I have the computer in my reach anymore.
    I also have 3 other questions:
    Where would I get the cheapest prices for parts, used or unused, open box or not (I'm in Canada)? I can't seem to find any of your prices when searching new online. Also, is getting parts on ebay safe?
    Is it worth it to build a gaming computer for less than $400? Considering that I can get a used full system w/ keyboard, speakers and mouse HD 7850, 8gb ram, pentium g850 2.9ghz, 500gb hdd, for $300. I will learn how to build a little (at least old systems) soon, but is it safe/will I need some help from experienced others to build(never built before)?
    And if you know, do you think those craigslist prices are OK?
    Thanks again!
  4. Gtx 650 and 750 are on amazon and I got my gt320 on eBay for 28$
  5. And for 400? No. but 600 and beyond you can get /build a good one
  6. Best answer
    Get a semi good computer off craigslist and upgrade and go from there
  7. Thanks! I will be looking at amazon as my first choice from now. One last question. Are these ~$400 combos/upgrade kits worth it?
    Will I be able to get a good complete system with this + $100?
    And what would you expect to end up with with $500-600? (vague specs).
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