PC acting wierd - I suspect a dying GPU

Hey there.
My name is Andreas, and I am having some trouble. For some weeks I have been experiencing my monitor "lose connection to my PC" (let's call it a blackout), each lasting for multiple seconds. Recently it has gotten more and more frequent. Some days ago I booted up my PC, and I was met with a horrible sight (this will be explained in a minute). I fixed it by updating my graphics driver. My PC is an Acer Aspire Predator G3610 containing GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti and Windows 7. After that, I restarted my PC and it worked just fine. A day or two passed and everything was fine, until I noticed some of my desktop icons started disappearing. I rebooted, and suddenly, my user profile had the default icon layout with some icons that I had installed myself. My files could only be accessed by going to C:/Users/Andreas. I reset my system to an earlier version, leaving my files and such intact, and again, everything was good. But today, I was about to stream a show on my PC, and then my PC had a blackout and rebooted. When the monitor lit up, I was again met by the horrible sight. I tried updating my graphics driver twice, both unsuccessful, rebooted my PC, updated my graphics driver successfully, and shut down the PC. I then quickly vacuumed the interior of my PC, and turned it back on. It was working. I put the vacuum back, and when i came back, it had a blackout, and rebooted. I knew then, that something was really wrong. The horrible sight had returned, and I am looking at it as I type this. Now here's what it looks like; the screen itself doesn't fit the monitor. The first time it happened, I tried adjusting the screen resolution. It was set to 640*(something), I think. I couldn't change it. This time, I am not even allowed to open up that window. Apart from that, the colors are really bad. It looks even worse than Windows 98. For instance, the Google Chrome logo is red at the top, yellow at the right, and grey at the left.
What do you think is the problem here?
Thanks, in advance. :)
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  1. As far as I can see, it is a LITEON PS-6451-5AE.
  2. 500W, btw. :)
  3. I now tried taking out my GPU, cleaning it (very dirty), putting it back in, updating my driver, and rebooting. It still looks horrible. Also, the GPU gets pretty hot by just booting my the PC.
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