Changed PSU, my cpu is now getting really hot

So, my psu died, so I changed it with a psu i had in my old pc. Everything seemed to be fine, the wattage is the same as that other psu(400w) and I connected everything except that extra 4 pins from 24 pin connector. You see, this psu haves 20 pin connector, and my mobo has 24pins. But I've heard that it probably wont cause any issues so, instead of looking arohnd for 20 to 24 pin connectors, i've cknnected what i got and turned on a pc. So, everything seems to work fine, except one thing: my cpu is warming quite a lot, it's on 50-60c with light usage, and it gets to 70c when gaming. Fans seem to be working, so i wonder-is it the cause of the issue psu or something else? Another thing that could be the cause is thermal paste, since i havent changed it in a while, but i'm pretty sure i would notice warming up and loud fan even before i changed my psu if that was the case, so i'm not sure about this. Here are my specs:
Cpu: core2duo e6550
2gb ddr2 ram
Gpu: sapphire hd4670
Mobo: some msi mobo(does it even matter?)
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  1. Your temps really aren't that bad.
  2. What are you talking about? 60-70 C(celsius not fahrenheit) is way too much for this cpu
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Your temps really aren't that bad.

    What are you talking about? 60-70c is waaay too high for this cpu
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