Can I install Windows 8 onto a new hard drive through my current hard drive?

OK, so I built a new computer and plan to put Windows 8 64 bit onto my new hdd and was wondering if I could do this through my old hard drive with Windows Vista 32 bit. I want to do this so I don't have to buy a disc. Is this possible or do I have to do it through a flash drive/disc?
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  1. Do you have a Win8 licence?
  2. Not yet since I want to know if I should just buy the disc or the download file from Microsoft. However, if I can install windows 8 onto my new hdd through my old hdd then I will definitely buy the download file, otherwise I will buy the disc. Either way, I am buying Win8 licence.
  3. You should be able to use UNetbootin to install windows too, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. OK one more thing, can I install from Windows 8.1 download or do I have to download Windows 8 first and then upgrade?
  5. should be able to install win 8.1 directly but buying win 8 first usually is cheaper
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    1) Buy the Windows 8.1 64-bit OEM disc (roughly $90 through pcpartpicker)

    2) Use the Microsoft tool to create a USB stick if you don't have a DVD drive (done on another PC of course):

    3) Before installing, make sure to backup any data you need and do a fresh install. It's possible to keep data, but you can't keep any programs. I suggest just copying any data to a USB drive, then simply DELETE the entire partition on installation start so you're doing a complete install

    4) After Windows 8.1 installs, there may be an "OLD_C" folder taking up space. You can delete that. Google for how.

    5) Install drivers, programs etc. (main chipset driver, video driver etc)

    6) Use Acronis True Image or a similar tool later to create a BACKUP IMAGE so you can restore it in case of problems. Periodically make a new one.
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