will Core 2 Duo e7200 OC to 3.16Ghz "very badly extremely" bottelneck GTX 750 ti?

with my current card to be a crappy gt210, some games which are playing just fine (as 15-20fps is boon for me) with geforce gt210 are... max payne3, assassins creed(all except black flag),hitman absolution.....
some games that are pain in the butt are (5-8fps even at lowest) are far cry3, AC4 black flag...
... i dont want to take full expirience of gaming, i am an engineering student and certainly dont have time for that, u low-med setting to run a game at 15-20 fps will make me more than happy......
also i hope i will hope to play GTAV and Far cry 4 in low after it releases!! i dont care if it bottelnecks! srsly!
also i have more intrest in "making" games rather than "playing" them ;)
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    It shouldn't bottleneck too much (maybe a little), but you should be fine. You also have to keep in mind the e7200 is an outdated cpu now.
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