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Hi Guys, got a problem with making account changes on windows 8.1.
everything fine. went to pub. came back and can no longer make account changes or launch programs that require an admin password.

a box comes up and asks if I will allow this program to make changes to my computer, which i usually can click yes but the yes is greyed out this time and asks me for a password.
there is nowhere that i can input a password and i cannot make any changes to user accounts to make sure i am logged in as admin.

anyone had this problem?

Many Thanks

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  1. I would suggest that you boot into windows safe mode and do a scan for malware and viruses:

    You can get into Windows 8 Safe mode by pressing the Shift+F8 key combination when booting.

    We cannot, however, help you with the password, as that is totally against forum rules.
  2. Hi danny,

    I tried the shift + f8 but did not boot in safe mode :s i had a look on google and looked like you can get into safe mode in system configuration but again could not click yes and asked for a password.

    I do know the password but it does not give anything to type into

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