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I just got done building a new pc and my Bios is not detecting my SATA HDD.
My SSD (which I installed my OS on) and my optical drive, which are both SATA, are detected and work fine.

I checked the cable connections and even switched around cords to make sure it wasnt any of the ports.

I have my HDD plugged into SATA2, but when I go into the SATA configuration in my Bios it says that SATA2 is empy. And i know the hard drive isnt malfunctioning because I plugged it into a USB port and was able to use it as an external drive.

My motherboard is a Asus Z97 Pro and my HDD is a Western Digital 1tb internal drive.

Can anybody help?
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  1. Did you check into BBS or Boot priority menu? Sometimes, you won't be able to set your drives directly from the boot menu. You might have to check further into your UEFI for something called Hard Drive Disk BBS Priority and set your SSD as the main boot drive.
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