My Case and PSU Able To Support More Fans?

I have a Corsair Carbide Series® 300R Windowed Compact PC Gaming Case and the ASUS Z87-C Motherboard. I also have a 600w PSU. My case comes with two fans but I am replacing the front 140mm fan with two Corsair LED 140mm Fans for better cooling. I also might replace the back rear fan. Is my case, PSU, and motherboard enough for an extra fan? Also, would it be wise to use the old fans on the top fan mounts or side panel?
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    You do not need that many fans honestly. 2 front intakes and a rear exhaust is plenty. Adding top exhaust fans will likely do nothing. You could put one up there, but don't expect any change in temps.

    Yes Your PSU could run any number of fans. They use virtually no power at all
  2. You really only need 1 fan. 2 fans could be better but my 1 fan keeps temps perfect.
  3. Yes, but I have very high room temperatures in the Summer and having two fans would keep my PC cool and look nice. (Its a gaming PC so why not-)
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