Where should I install my OS ? 24 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD ?

Hello guys my first post here. So tommorow I will be having my laptop. The specs. are i7 4700MQ , 8 GB Ram, GTX 750 2GB , 1 TB HDD and 24 GB SSD

I was wondering where should I install my main OS ? I mean will it slow down my laptop if I installed the main OS on 24 GB SSD ? I'm planning to install the main OS on SSD then the rest of the applications in 1 TB HDD. Am I doing it right ?
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  1. Yes your thought is correct. OS in SSD and Data in HDD. Btw is 24GB sufficient for OS?
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    youre correct. install os on your ssd for faster booting and the rest of software, applications, video, files to hdd as storage it. i believe 24gbs should be enough to hold an OS and thats all
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