I hv win 7 ultimate my problem is when I copy files into drive they saved that time but after removing pen drive the stored da

I nave windows 7 ultimate my problem is when icopy files to my laptop they save that time but but after removing drive from pc data is also lost...I changed pc but same problem exist in it too.... I changed drive but same problem persist with another drive.......what can I do... plz help
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    I would like to help you. I see you are having problems with the drive itself. So I have an idea. Lets check your drive for errors.
    To do this you must:
    Open My Computer > Right Click on drive> Click properties
    Then Click the Tools Tab > Click Check Now (under error checking).

    Make sure "Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" are checked.
    Hope this helps! :-)
  2. thnx daylio i will try this
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