PC Booting up - slow. Help Please.

Hi, I really need some help, please.
I've done various things which don't seem to have worked...The problem I'm having is that my PC is taking ages to load up past the BIOS screen, and once booted into Windows its fine, until the point when I put my PC to 'sleep', and it doesn't log back on. Please can you suggest a cure? The HDD doesn't seem to be damaged, as I've checked it using various 'tests' and so on. It's a Asus M4A77TD motherboard, and a WD 1TB HDD SATA HDD.
Replaced my BIOS battery Cleared it (moved the pins of and on again!) replugged HDD in Enabled quickboot installed windows a fresh
Anything else you could suggest?! It takes a lot longer than it used to boot, and when I put my PC to 'sleep' and try to re log on, it doesn't load up ie it's got the "welcome" sign on and doesn't show any sign of loading onto desktop.
Any pointers would be appreciated.
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  1. I will give you 2 solutions :
    1st: open msconfig , go to Boot tab , press on advanced options, tick the maximum memory and set the number of processors to the maximum.
    2nd: Buy and SSD
  2. Thank you, but I don't think the fact that the PC is booting up slowly is as a result of me not having a SSD. I've been using HDD's for a ling time, and recently got this (Januaury) and only a lately has it taken ages to boot past the BIOS. Any other help would be appreciated.
  3. Have you formatted recently your pc?
  4. I have yes - but did that after I discovered the problem.
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    Well , the boot up is slow because when you have installed the windows you have put firstly to check the dvd and after that the HDD , change it and put the HHD first from BIOS
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