Trying to determine on hp pavilion dv7 notebook how to change to IDE from ACHI?

Hi there, first time question on this forum and i want to remind everyone that I'm not a Techy by any standards so go easy on my ass!
I have just dbanned my hard drives on my notebook and trying to install windows xp 32bit because of some pretty nasty viruses that had a party in my system which yielded no end to their reign of terror thus having no choice but 2 dban.
After inserting the windows xp disk and it going through its install and loading processes it eventually comes up with the blue screen of death.
My bios version is f.08 and it previously had factory installed vista on it.
The bios settings on this computer do not offer me an option to change from AHCI to IDE and have spent the last 2 days scouring the internet to find a solution and a video on youtube has been my greatest success in finding a solution thus far!
Long story short, could any of the nice folk out there considering offering me some helpful advice please point me in the right direction as I would very much like a resolve?
Also the bios is insyde h20 rev 3.5 if that helps
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  1. Did XP work previously?

    I wouldn't recommend using XP. Support has ended, so you're probably going to get a hell of a lot more viruses.

    Insyde BIOSs tend to be extremely locked down. I doubt it's possible.

    Any reason you're not using Vista?
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