"US Robotics Wireless PCI Adapter", USR 5418 WiFi DRIVER for Windows 7 64bit.

At the time of this writing there is no official driver available from USR for Windows 7 64bit for the "US Robotics Wireless PCI Adapter", model 5418. This PCI is working fine under Windows XP but it does no longer work for Windows 7 64bits. Can anybody give a clue on how to fix this? Many thanks.
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    The following lines describe a WORKING (AND TESTED) SOLUTION for people (like me) that need to find a software driver for USR 5418 Wifi PCI Adapter for Windows 7 (64bits).

    At the time of this writing there is no official driver available from USR for Windows 7 64bit. However there is a software DRIVER that you can choose from the list of MS drivers that comes integrated with Windows 7.

    Basically speaking, you just need to find it under the "Device Manager" and from there select "Atheros Wireless Network Adapter" and voila! Your US Robotics Wireless PCI will come back to live to work perfectly (again). Hurray!

    This is how it is done (step by step):

    1. Click Windows 7 Start Menu (MS logo, usually at the bottom left conner).

    2. Click "Computer". In the Explorer window, Right click "Computer", select "Properties".

    3. Click "Device Manager" near the top left of the window that just popped.

    4. Under "Other Devices". Right click "Ethernet Controller" and click "Properties".

    5. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software"

    6. Choose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers of my computer".

    7. Select "Network Adapters" and click "Next".

    8. On the left side of the window, select "Atheros Communications Inc".

    9. On the right side find, "Atheros Wireless Network Adapter" then "Next".

    And that's all folks!

    From here, simply access the "Network and Sharing Center" to configure your
    WiFi connection as you would do for any generic WiFi card.

    Best regards


    I have not tried this solution (but it might also work) for higher versions of Windows (like 8 or 8.1) 64 bits. I believe that in the worst case scenario, you might even "borrow" the driver from MS Windows 7 (if you are upgrading into windows 8 or so), using a tool like "Double Driver" and using some "troubleshooting/compatibility mode" driver installation method from Windows itself.

    This is my first time publish at tomshardware forum, if this text is in the wrong place I ask for whoever can do, to place it where it should. Many thanks to all of you!
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