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Hello, I'm building a PC, and I do not own a monitor, altough I own a LG 32LN 5400 FHD Led, which is where I connect my X-360, I'm moving on to PC gaming, thos selling my X-360, so I'll have on my TV an HDMI port available, my question is, I'm planning to buy a GTX 760, which has an HDMI port, with a HDMI cable and plugging it on both the TV & PC, will the TV work as a Computer Screen? Or do I really have to buy a PC-Monitor?

thanks in advance :)
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    No problems. Many people use their HDTV's as computer monitors.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thank you, couldn't check this earlier.

    Thanks for the quick answer, my bad it took so long to answer back.
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