PC won't boot randomly, fans not spinning, driver crashes but LED case strip works

I started having troubles ever since I updated the drivers for my GPU to play Watch Dogs. I also changed the vsync option to 1 from 0 then. The first time after I updated, I played it for a few hours before I started receiving errors that said the display drivers stopped responding and were recovered and I would lose my audio.

I started experiencing more serious problems randomly in between my playthrough where my display would crash with a random dark color like black and I wouldn't be able to turn off or restart my PC.. after a while, the driver would crash when I played a Video too. I wasn't able to boot most of the times since then. It doesn't show the bios screen most of the time it gets to windows now. I have an led strip which always lights up. I opened my case and switched the pci cable of my GPU to a spare one which got my PC to boot and get past the loading screen of Watch dogs then and it worked for a few minutes again and recently I tried booting it with one ram stick and it worked with fine again so I tried it with two sticks yesterday and I experienced no problems for more than 6 hours of playing it to test it but when I tried to turn it on today, it wouldn't boot like before. My cooler's light didn't turn on and my GPU and case fans weren't running like before. I can hear a sound of something trying to run before it stops.. I have no clue whether it's my psu, gpu or motherboard that's causing it or something else..

Also, I'm new the forums and I would like to say hi :)
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  1. Update: I reset my cmos which made it boot up and it showed a screen which said it had been reset, then I changed my bios again to enable IDE for my hdd qns enable S.M.A.R.T. it worked like normal again but I found that my GPU and ram temperatures were very high, gpu usage was 72 and max temperatures were near 103. I have a zotac GTX 660. When I restarted, it wouldn't boot. I reset the cmos again the coolers lights turned on for a second and the PC restarted without the light and it started turning on and off for a few seconds before I shut it down and tried it again, but this time it wouldn't start anymore. I also remember the screen that said my UEFI defaults were loaded showing up before whenever it did boot up.. but this is the first time I'd physically reset it myself
  2. If your fans arent working then that could be the higher than normal temps.

    it's that or your PSU is being a chump and needs to be thrown off a bridge
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