So is this a decent computer?

So I am thinking of upgrading my crappy HP Desktop to a proper gaming PC.
I have been doing some research and have found this online: As you are able to change most of the components of that computer to some degree, I have decided to upgrade the GPU to either the gtx 760 or 770 and the RAM to the 2x4 GB 1600Mhz. Is this a good computer, or a complete rip off. All I want is to be able to play most games on high to ulta on 1080p. Oh and please keep in mind I live in Australia, and to people from the Us this will look like a rip off regardless.
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  1. spend far less money and assemble a better computer yourself.
    customs builds are ALWAYS cheaper
  2. I do agree, but I would rather just avoid that hassle and buy something that will work as soon as I buy it.
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    The only comparison for rip off i have is the cost vs custom built. In australia the same build (with cheap parts like prebuilts come with) would cost ~$1000 australian. seen here .

    so you are paying about 300 for them to build it. Its not exactly the worst i've seen (anything alienware) but not the best either.
  4. Thank you, to be honest, $300 is worth it to not have to mess around with the hardware, as I have had bad experiences in the past.
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