Can Asus Xonar STX work in pci slot?


I bought asus xonar stx version instead of st because i was planning on a future motherboard update. But the update has been delayed and still have my old P8Z68-v lx motherboard. So my sound card is too close at the gpu card (gtx 570), which works at 45 to 55 degrees celcius and i am being worried if that will harm the sound card. (i have noticed no static or any other distortion) The only option that i have is to move the xonar stx at a pci slot, but will it work?

Thank you.
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  1. Hi nikalagio
    The Asus Xonar STX is meant for a pcie x1 slot and will not work in a pci slot , sorry

    Edit : your sound card should be ok , but will block airflow into your GPU if it is too close
  2. what is your case ?
  3. Thanks a lot for the answer. My case is CM Storm Stryker. Hopefully it does not block much airflow since the sound card is above the gpu, about 1-2mm of air between them. And as a result they have the same temperature
  4. Best answer
    Diganta Das is right it will work in a pxcie x1 slot but not in a pci slot as you suggest
    however after looking at your case , there is a way :)
    get youself a pcie x1 riser ribbon ,

    on the back of your stryker case you have one vertical pci bracket , mount the card in it and connect the riser ribbon to your card and to the pcie x1 slot

    (sorry for the link. didnt know how to post the image)

    So as you can see they almost touch each other.

    I was just thinking about that mickypheonix. Thanks. I will try it and hopefully i can mount it vertically.

    Thanks again guys
  6. you are most welcome m8 , it will work with a riser ribbon and should mount vertically let me know , try it in the slot
  7. i just mesured the estimated length of the riser ribbon that i will need, and the distance is about 40cm :(. can i use 2? :P
  8. how could it be that far away ?
    the slot is right next to where you mount your graphics cards

    looks like 10 or 12cm at best looking at the back of your case
  9. The riser ribbon will have to go over the graphics card and down almost to the bottom of the case, since the sound card will be vertically and facing the glass of the case. I will measure it again more accurately but i will need longer than the longer that i found. which was 24cm
  10. I measured it with a cord and the exact distance was 26cm. Plus the ribbon will need to make a turn to connect to the card, i believe 30cm will suffice.
  11. ahhh ok i see what you are trying to do after looking at your board ,
    i thought you meant the xonar was in front of your graphics card where it draws air in ,
    after looking at your mobo you had the xonar above your graphics card ,
    thats fine m8 , leave it in that slot above your card , you will have no issues there , you dont need a riser or to shift the card

    i used an ancient gpu as reference.

    damn... and that xonar would look awesome vertically, and i would sleep better knowing that it wasnt getting all that heat.
  13. hey its up to you m8 , it will work either way just weather you want to spend money on riser ribbons :)
  14. Again thanks a lot for you time mate :D. I think i will get 2 of these ribbons. Like to spend time and making changes to my pc :P
  15. anyway i gotta get some shuteye , pm me with a pic if you do decide to do it and let me know how you get on
    all the best :)
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