I just own bf3 for free , and still can't decide to buy bf4 or titanfall?

(I was a thief,well almost everybody on my country is a thief,they get video games and software by pirating (I'm somewhere in asia),literally they never use legal software and games even OS except it's a freeware or alredy installed in a new laptop ,after that? we kept pirating and on and on, and i realize that this is wrong doing and i 'm in a transition to a legal user, and thats why i just legally owned bf3 multiplayer
i just "bought" battlefield 3 in origin sale by 100% discount yea,its free, i enjoyed it a lot,already played it by 15 hours since 2 days earlier.

And now origin have new awesome deals,which discount battlefield 4 and titanfall by 50$
It's holiday now , and i'm willing to invest on a great multiplayer game,
which should it be?

Battlefield 4 or Titanfall?

in the knowing that if i buy battlefield 4 ,i would stop playing battlefield 3,
or buy titanfall and still playing battlefield 3 for variety 2 different games experience
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  1. Bf4 is crap, nothing else to say. You, and many other people maybe would play Bf3 instead of BF4 after buying it. If you really want to buy one of these games, Titanfall is the better one.
  2. Don't buy any of them. Wait for a steam sale. You can get more than one games for $50 on a steam sale
  3. i won't play games at all for 6 months from 14 july 2014, i will have a life deciding semester, so the games i finally choose will be played from now till 14 july 2014, and steam summer sale still somewhere on july-end , i think, so.... no summer sale for me
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    Then get titanfall if you really have to. BF4 is very glitchy because it seems like DICE don't have time to develop that game properly but ea pushes them and bf4 is almost abandoned by ea, they're focusing on BF: Hardline.

    Side note: BF HArdline is on beta and is free
  5. titanfall campaign is crap but multiplayer is awesome
  6. TitanFall sucks, I would not take a free copy. After 2 hours of play you have seen 100% of the game. Plus how can you kill a tank with a shootgun? BF4 get updated all the time and is a lot better than TitanFall. TitanFall = Big Fail.
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