What precisely is inside a backup/recovery disk for Windows 8? Some helpful info, please?

What precisely is a backup/recovery disk for Windows 8?I
have one in USB but
don’t understand is it a full size Windows 8 operation system
or some sort of software for fixing the Windows 8 already installed on my computer by the manufacturer?

For example, if many things go corrupted/wrong with the currently installed Windows 8,
could I be able to do clean sweep and reinstall Windows 8 with this backup/recovery disk?
With older PCs which came with proper Windows OS on CD, clean sweep and reinstall wasn’t problem but I’m a bit uneasy with this new trend with backup/recovery disks…

I am not very techno competent, so, a detailed easy to understand answer about this issue will be very much appreciated.

Thanks to any good techie who agree to respond to this!
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    Most of the time, the recovery disk is simply a drive image of the system partition - the same drive image the OEM originally put on your system.

    Installing the recovery should restore the system to out-of-the-box state as far as the system drive is concerned.
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