MindBreaking CPU Problem

My CPU is acting weird lately, it sometimes stutters like hell, without any usage, hardware monitor shows all of the cores go to 95%, task manager doesn't, and it shows that when the stutter starts it sky rockets form like 40-50 Celsius to 207(might be bugged), games drop from constant 60 to bare 15-25. This started out of nowhere. Might be a game related problem, which i think this only happens when i open it, but ignore this, tell me your opinion.

Windows 7 Premium 64-Bit
Fx 8350 locked @4 GHz(5 Months old)
GTX 770, non-reference(2 Months old)
8 GB DDR3 RAM@ 1333Mhz
MSI 760gm-P21 motherboard
600W Corsair PSU(2 months old)
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    My bet would be the weak un-cooled VRMS are giving up. The 760g motherboards have weak VRMS pairing that with a power hungry 8-core cpu. I have seen may 760g boards struggle with the 8-core cpus, and even some of the 6 cores ones aswell.
  2. What happens if you run a program like furmark or prime95?
  3. Fur mark is ok, goes well, but in Prime95 when it gets Max Load the CPU throttles to 1400Mhz and goes to 200+. This is so annoying in games since it causes bottleneck which drops my frames alot, help please.. really annoying
  4. I'd agree with bignastyid, the microATX AM3+ boards usually fail to support the FX-8320 or 8350. I'd definitely recommend getting a 970 or 990FX board. If the motherboard isn't failing, it more than likely will before too long.

    Some other things that may be worth trying are installing these hotfixes since you're using Windows 7. These change how the scheduling and core parking features work on FX chips to improve performance.
  5. But it Worked fine till yesterday.. for like 4 months it was ok... why would it stop supporting it now?
  6. Over time the heat and electricity being transferred could have worn down the motherboard's VRMs since it is more than it was intended to handle. Now they've worn out enough that they're overheating / failing to carry that much power, so the CPU is throttling.
  7. That might be the case.. because i left the hard disk to check for bad clusters over night and when i woke up and went into a game thats when it started happening :/
  8. Going to try and update my MOBOS drivers since a new one came 10 days ago for chipsets, will try that and after the hotfixes you linked
  9. You need a new motherboard.
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