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Laptop speakers & headphones not working

Last response: in Components
June 15, 2014 7:28:02 AM

Hi.I am experiencing a weird problem here. My laptop's internal speakers and my headphones are not working properly(can hear sounds but sometimes they don't).And after a few moments, the sound is back.

When there is a problem, both internal speakers & headphones doesn't work. My headphones work perfectly in my pc & my mp3 player. In the notification area, the speaker icon appears and I am able to adjust volume(even though I don't hear them). When I right-click the speaker icon and go to playback devices, everything seems to be fine.

Also another important thing is, everything was perfect few hours before. Meanwhile I didn't installed any programs and didn't changed any settings.Any help would be really appreciated.
June 15, 2014 8:14:09 PM

Hey guys its me again......
Now the situation has gone even worse !!! When I open any application (songs,movies,games,.......) Sound works for about 40 seconds approximately & then sound goes off. When I restart the same application, again it works well for 40 sec & goes off.

Please help and this is not a hardware problem because my headphones works perfectly in other devices & fails in my laptop, so as the internal speakers.
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