What would be a good closed water loop to fit my build?


I am going to build a computer shortly, but what is a good closed water cooling loop that will fit my build? I need to be as quiet as possible, and of course look good to show off!

Case: CoolerMaster HAF X 942
MotherBoard: Asus Z97 Maximus VII Hero
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Devils Canyon

Theme: Black and Blue

Remember, I need to be very quiet if not silent and look flash!

Thanks in advance
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  1. With such a large case are you against an AIR cooler?

    Some of the liquid coolers work quite well, but you can get as much performance in a good air cooler for a lower price.

    Hell you could hit an NH-D14 with some pwm fans and have a good quiet system(the stock ones are quiet, but are not PWM so you have to make sure the board can control them).
  2. I'd like a water cooling as I will be over clocking it. And it will only be the CPU.
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    That case has what could be called a boatload of top space.

    You could without any issues use a H100i(you will need to get more quiet fans or turn the stock ones down a good but in the Corsair Link software) or other 2 x 120mm cooler up top.
    I link here confirms the fan mounts are located on the too for it.

    You can then leave the stock 200mm fan to help pull air from the rad and the extra size would pull around the rad cooling the VRM area of the board a bit too.

    A 3 x 120mm rad may fit, but I can not confirm it and it would only be held by 4 and not 8 screws.
    Depending on your location(USA is out because of a stupid patent issue) the H220 and H320 are well reviewed coolers.

    Many people have gone full custom in that case too.
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