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Hi all.

I currently have only 2 x HDDs and I believe an SSD will speed up load times and texture rendering times, the question is, what type should I go for, I would be willing to spend around £100 maximum for one.

I have been looking at a OCZ Vertex 460 series 120gb,

My specs are;
-Coolermaster 692 advanced tower
-Intel core i5 2500K 4.6ghz
-Corsair H100i watercooler
-GByte GA-P67A-D3-B3- MoBo
-8gb, 2x 4Gb ram
-650W NZXT Hale Gold Modular PSU
-1024mb Gainward GTX 560Ti Phantom

Would this one be any good for me ?

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  1. Best answer
    It would be fine, but I would recommend the Samsung 840 EVO, since the software that comes with it gives it a tremendous added speed boost (to over 1000MB/s for a high percentage of data types)

    That's for the 250Gb ersion - I highly recommend you go for 250Gb over 120Gb

    It also comes with Migration software so you can clone your current HD onto it (though make sure everything will fit before you take this route..)
  2. The Samsung EVO is definitely a great SSD to purchase.
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