Help Me Pick A New Graphics Card please
That's my set up
I am looking to change my graphics card because I have been having some problems with it...
My Budget is 90 pound that converts to 152 Dollars.
I was looking at some of the GTX series :)
Please help me pick I am not sure what to get I am not very experienced in this field.
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  1. I think a GTX750ti would be a nice and appropriate upgrade.
  2. Cheapest GTX750Tis are a little over budget, looks like they're starting at about £105, but it's worth the extra fifteen quid for the extra performance otherwise you'll have to drop to the GTX750 to stay within budget.
    Here's how they compare:,review-32899-7.html
  3. I think I will go with GTX 750 because i can't afford GTX 750 Ti but which GTX 750 is the best one to get? there are lots of them? I have 450 watt which will be best with that? I have a MICRO ATX MINI TOWER which will fit in that? plus do I need like specific one for my mother board?
    Also is the GTX 750 better than the 650?
    If you go on edit and pick me a good gtc 750 I would appreciate it thanks.
  4. someone please respond thank you
  5. Best answer
    The GTX 750 is faster than the GTX650, about equal to the GTX650Ti and slower than the GTX650Ti Boost.
    A 450 Watt PSU should run any GTX750 out there easily, the card only draws about 60 Watts at full load.
    As long as the motherboard has a vacant PCI-E x16 slot the card will fit and run properly.
    One of the single fan versions would be the most compact:
    A few places to look: Aria, Eclipse Computers, Novatech, CCL, Dabs, Maplins, Ebuyer, Scan, Pixmania and Amazon.
    Prices and availability change by the hour!
  6. I would either go with a GTX 750 or a R7 260X. I would personally get any GTX 750 from a brands like ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI.
  7. which came out first GTX 750 0r GTX 650? plus is it better to get GTX 650 TI than GTX 750?
  8. The GTX650 is an older design.
    Read my last post about the cards relative performance.
    Or check the chart I linked to.
  9. which is bigger
    a) 26.5 x 27.5 x 9.2 cm
    b)33 x 23.6 x 5.8 cm
    which is longer?
    please help
  10. length, width, height in that order
  11. Update after 2 years the 750 was the right choice looking to upgrade my CPU now! not sure what to get i5 or the amd 8350
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