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I Recently switched over to cox from at&t, before i switched the PC in my living room had no problems. After I switched to the cox modem and service, All it has is the a yellow ! mark and says Identifying.... and then says unidentified network, no internet connection. So i decided to wipe and install win 7 32bit, updated my ethernet drivers. problem still persist. The only way to fix this is to reset my router countless times. But if i turn off my PC it'll just revert back to the old problem again after a day or so? What's the problem, is it
Ethernet Cable?
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    Are the ethernet LEDs on the mobo on??? And if not then either its mobo or cable...if yes then modem or configuration...the later is most likely.
  2. I think it's my ethernet or my mobo, I just fixed it after readjusting or pushing in hard the Ethernet cable. Ty!
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