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I am wanting a PC for FSX. I am wanting it to run It at max with Addons at 60fps. I was thinking of 2500 or 3570k. My limit is $800 and I need an OS wifi adapter speakers and no OD and SSD. I also play minecraft league of legends just cause 2 and other games if that changes anything. Fsx stands for flight sim x. Also don't tell me fsx doesn't need a good gpu because it does and I am over clocking so I will need a cooler that isn't stock.
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    Used 2500K, refurb Corsair H80 or H80i, used Z68 mbd (or better still anything that can run SLI with
    x16/x16 by whatever means), couple of used 3GB GTX 580s. RAM, etc. up to you. Well within budget
    and very quick. NB: replace the Corsair fans with 4x Nanoxia Deep Silence 120mm PWM. I've built
    multiple 2700K 5GHz systems with this setup, and indeed with a 3930K an H100i is plenty to run the
    CPU at 4.8 with good temps and low noise.

    If you only want to buy new though, that would really limit your options.


    PS. Forget the 3570K or any IB chip, they run far too hot. Get a 2500K, though on occasion I've
    obtained 2700Ks for excellent prices.
  2. Thanks could u put it in a build if you know what pcpartpicker is that would help
  3. A 750 Ti? Slower than a 580, though I suppose it does have the advantages of low noise and minimal power
    consumption (and smaller size), but the main disadvantage of the 750Ti is it does not support SLI, so if you
    buy a 750Ti then you're stuck with just a single card. However, I was inferring speed was the OP's initial
    priority, in which case one simply cannot beat two used GTX 580s (or at least with a single 580 you'd have
    the option to add another later).

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