Can I run a Radeon R9 270X or a Sapphire Radeon R9 270 with a 350 watt power supply? (not trying to run both)

I want to upgrade from my GTX 650 to a Radeon R9 270 or a 270X but I don't know if I can run them or not with my Power Supply which is 350 watts.

Here is the info on the 270X 500W (minimum):

Here is the info on the 270 (500 Watt Power Supply is required) (sapphire):

If you have any answers please let me know. :)

And if it happens I can run both (unlikely) tell me which one you prefer. :)
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    Even if your powersupply has enough 6/8pin ports to support then i would not recommend getting them with that power supply., Even the lower powered 270 card can pull up to 250 w (source: and might well be troublesome for a low end powersupplies whose performance and max wattage degrades over time.. Especially since low end power supplies often dont deliver their entire rated wattage to the 12v rail, it may wel cause instability and shutdowns during gaming.
  2. Just saying, the max wattage usage of the r9270 is 147 watts, or 12.5 amps on the 12 volt rail, those high reccomendations are to ensure that you have enough power to use it so as long as you do not overclock you should be fine
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