Short Scans every 5-10 minutes and sounds like a machine gun

I have an HP Envy desktop with Win8.1, 3.2GHz processor, 10GB of ram and 1.5TB seagate HD and it's just over a year old.

the problem is that the HD just within the last month began to scan and when it does it sounds like a short burst from a machine gun. It does it every 5-10minutes and lasts for about 1-1.5 seconds.

Don't know even if there's a program that can even see such a thing, besides resident programs. Don't know and can't figure out what's happening here...hope someone may have had the same or similar thing happen to them and got it fixed short of replacing the HD.

Thanks ahead of time for any help..
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    The best way to figure out watch happening is to open resource monitor (an option you can choose to open from task manager)a use its "disk" tab to monitor what you HDD is doing then it makes those noises.
    This will likely take a few minutes of patience, but it will tell you what process is accessing your HDD at that time.|
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