need help fast Thermal paste between pins LGA1155

ok guys so i dlided my 3570k and when i was done
and was going to seat it on the mobo i found some thermal paste stuck between the pins anyways i installed everything and my pc is ruining fine (typing this from my pc atm)

so here is the question should i shut down my pc right away and try to remove it but risk bending the pins or leave it as is ? Mobo is Z77 Mpower

PS: thermal paste used is Liquid Ultra on the cpu die and the IHS
the thermal paste between the pins is the one that came with the h100i shin etsu i think
and im very sorry if my english is bad
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    If everything is running normal , why risk it , it will more than likely be fine.
  2. This video explains greatly on how to apply thermal paste
    Kidding of course, but you should be fine, could make it worst by touching anything.
  3. thanks guys i think ill just leave it as im also out of thermal paste i applied the Thermal paste using the brush that was included
    ( dropped a pea size in the middle than sprayed it )
    temps droped by 20C in both idle and load
  4. You should be fine.
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