battery problem caused by doing lenovo energy management battery reset

I have a lenovo ideapad y510p and everything was fine until for I thought I'd do the battery reset in the lenovo energy management,after which the laptop doesnt seem to recognize the ac adapter,the battery works but despite being connected to ac adapter its as if its not even connected,I found one way around this which is that first I take the battery out and then insert the ac adapter,the laptop turns on then I put it in hibernate while I insert battery after which it seems to charge but only after I do these steps,but if I take the adapter out and insert it back in,it would stop charging.this is all because of the lenovo energy management software battery reset.I've uninstalled it but it doesnt work.any suggestions?I'm guessing one of the steps after full charge during the battery reset the battery gets drained where it says "plugged in and not charging" until it reaches zero is the problem.
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  1. damn! I remember that every time I did that on a Thinkpad I hose a battery as well. Maybe because by the time I did it the battery was half-dead anyway, but afterwards the ability to hold a charge is greatly reduced.
  2. I have the same problem... if you find something please contact me! i'll do the same!
  3. I think it is because of the battery settings. There's 2 battery settings, maximized and optimum.For maximized, its like our usual usage of the battery without lenovo energy management. It will charge the battery until 100%.The next option is optimum where the main purpose of this function is to prolonged the lifetime of the battery. So, what this option do is maintain the battery at a certain level but not at 100%. If the battery level is less it will charge the battery but if the battery level is more than the required it will drained the battery. Hope this helps.
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