Can someone tell me what is going on with my screen?

Hello, so I've just built my PC, FX 8350, R9 280X, M5A99FX. Worked fine for an hour or so. Now I can't get it to boot properly because of this screen problem. I know it isn't my monitor and also no input from my GPU via VGAMy setup is a FX8350, MSI R9 280X, M5A99FX and 16gb RAM.

When it first booted I played a bit of Goat Simulator for the laugh but now I can't even make it to the desktop. Will somebody please help.

EDIT. Not sure if the pictures are working so if not I'm getting blue chunks across my display and constant black boxes. However when I play a video it seems to calm down.

EDIT 2: ThatVietGuy, I have done and it works fine so it's definitely my pc.

EDIT 3: So now I've got it running normally, however, when displaying images with colour there are blue lines across the display. I've tried both PCI E slots and this brings the same issue so we can rule that out. Used different cables too. So it seems to me like a driver issue but I just can't find a stable driver that does work.
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  1. What's the screen problem?

  2. Try using the monitor on another computer and/or try another monitor with your computer.

    It could either be the monitor or the GPU, but it'll be hard to narrow it down without further testing.
  3. Can you try different inputs? Also try using a different cable.
  4. this system have a onboard video chipset then remove the gpu and plug in the monitor to it and if screen is giving a good picture you need to rma the gpu .
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