BSOD while idle ONLY

I have a new build that's been running fine for about 2 weeks. After some tuning trying to find the "sweet spot oc" I started getting random blue screens only during idle.

I've reset all bios settings to defaults. Windows power option is on high performance, but I'm still having this issue at random times.
PC idled all night long with no problem, but just now after 20 minutes or so I came back to a blue screen.

I don't exactly remember the BSOD code, but I'm fairly sure it was a 124 or 142.. I know not much help there. Temps are all good. These codes are voltage and power related, but I can run any stress tests fine. Only happens during idle while OC or stock.
Any insight anyone might have is much appreciated.

Build specs are

i5 4670k
Gigabyte z97x sli mobo
Evga gtx 760
8g ram adata xpg v2
Cooler master i700 PSU
1 Seagate 7200rpm HDD
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More about bsod idle

    Download and run that program to view the latest dump file.

    Post what the dump file says.
  2. Just installed. I restored a previous system backup to uninstall some updates just a few minutes ago. The only dump files it shows now are older ones from unstable oc's. (Everything is stock now of course) Next time I get an idle BSOD I will definitely post.
  3. ThatVietGuy said:

    Download and run that program to view the latest dump file.

    Post what the dump file says.

    Alright just got an idle blue screen, not sure exactly what information to give you here so I'll just list it all.

    Bug check code: 0x00000124
    Parameter 1: 00000000`00000000
    Parameter 2: fffffa80`0a0ce028
    Parameter 3: 00000000`bf800000
    Parameter 4: 00000000`00200401
    Caused by driver: hal.dll
    Caused by driver address: hal.dll+12a3b

    Crash address: ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0
  4. Best answer
    bugcheck 0x124 is WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR
    is a bugcheck called directly to the CPU, Most often the CPU has detected a CRC parity error in one of
    its cache memory blocks and stops the system.

    there are several causes for this but most often it will be related to overclocking issues where incorrect voltages and clock settings are being applied to certain pins of the CPU.

    The most common fix will be to update your BIOS or reset the BIOS to defaults and retest.
    if that fails to fix the issue, then you have to figure out why the error occurs, ie why the voltage/ clock is incorrect.

    in the worst case, if you can get several debug dumps you can look at them in the windows debugger and see the CPU error report using the !errrec command. if the error moves from memory bank to memory bank then your problem will be the voltage/freq applied to the CPU. if it is always the same memory bank, with the correct voltage and clock then it could be a fried memory cache location. That is generally the worst case.

    - generally when a system is at idle and you get a bugcheck it will be related to sleep states that are not implemented correctly in the hardware devices.
  5. Thanks for the input johnbl. This is exactly my thought process, but seeing how I already had reset the bios all my instincts are pointing me towards gigabyte auto tune, or easy tune whatever its called.

    I used the application one time, decided it was junk and shortly after noticed this idle problem. I've since uninstalled the program along with a few other gigabyte programs I've read can cause random issues.

    If I continue to have this problem I will follow up with a clean install of windows.
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