Recommended PSU wattage for build.

here is a link to the build:

PC Part Picker is recommending 438w while a friend I asked at work today said I'll need more than the 750w PSU I selected. I really don't want to spend more than 100$ on my PSU, maybe I'll budge and go to 150$ but only if it is highly recommended. Also please keep in my mind in the future I would like to SLI my card or upgrade to one of higher performance.
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  1. The real power draw for your configuration will peak in the neighborhood of 300W. With a margin for future minor upgrades, aging, just playing it safe, etc., even 600W would be more than enough if you picked a high-quality PSU.

    Corsair's CX-series are mid-range PSUs (not "high" quality but not bad either) so 750W should give you a fairly good lifespan as long as you do not plan to get a second 770 to put in there.
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    That build needs 600w minimum. I recommend XFX, Antec, or SeaSonic as first choices, and EVGA or Rosewill would be second choices. 80+ Bronze at the very least. I would not trust the Corsair CX's quality and/or reliability.
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