Win 7 64bit Using 4-6GB of corsair vengence 1600mhz ram


when i start my pc windows runs at 900MB ram usage our of 8GB ( 2x4Gb)
later when i was downloading and surfing it mounted to 2-3Gb and then i installed windows updates of 742gb and ram usage jumped to 5-6Gb. in task manager there was barely any usage shown by explorer something ( 31k something ) and the only thing running that time was windows 742mb of updates.

Please advise if this is normal ?
system - i5 4570 asus h87plus asus r9 280x 3gb RM 650 corsair vengence 2x4gb ram
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  1. It's just windows 7's strange way of managing ram. It uses ram stores frequently used apps so it'll load faster. Also if you have like antivirus or something like that, that can cause bigger ram usage
  2. i just installed win 7 ultimate SP1 64bit like a day back and anti virus im using is microsoft security essentials. so can anyone confirm this is normal and usual thing happening to anybody using win 7 64bit and 8 gig of RAM ?
  3. as woworwow mentioned, that isn't uncommon to have happen, windows update can use alot of RAM as well, specifically the svchost.exe process(es) and the .NET framework process(es). finish your updates, reboot and watch memory usage after confirming all windows updates are installed.
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    it's not strange at all and it's normal. it will cache as much stuff as it thinks is safe on the ram and release it if some other application needs it.
  5. If you don't like windows' RAM management, there's always linux
  6. thanks guys. just for info. in which forum do i post gpu cpu temperature, benchmarks & performance related queries ?
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