How to set CPU fan RPM speed

I have a Noctua NH-U12S and I can't change it's RPM speed. I've tried SpeedFan and the BIOS but nothing works.
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  1. it is set by the motherboard cpu fan connector .
  2. Connect it to the correct connector then set it through BIOS.
  3. I connected it to the same connector it was with the stock cooler (CPUFAN, 4 pin) and the BIOS thing didn't change it.
  4. this fan came with a power reducer so the speed would be from 1500 rpm to 1200 rpm .
  5. I didn't use that cable and the RPM is more in the 1000 RPM range.
  6. see this even with the reducer speed max is 1200 rpm and the lowest is 300 rpm so check the bios settings if pwm is active for the cpu fan .
  7. Yeah I know that with the LNA cable it will max at 1200 RPM but I'm not using it. I tried to raise the PWM percentage on the fan in the BIOS but it didn't change its speed, it did work on the stock fan I had before.
  8. the only thing i see is to give a look at your motherboard user manual or bios option there could be something there or a bios uptade that was made to solve this the last one is to contact the board maker about this .
  9. Well I found the solution. It was set to "Temperature" in PWM mode in SpeedFan so I changed it to manual and now I can control its speed.
  10. just be carefull not to lower to much the fan speed to prevent overheat on the cpu .
  11. I actually raised it to 1200 RPM.
  12. in the speed fan configuration you could set temp to 35 c min and 50 c before it alert you then fan all log same for voltage speed log and check all min value 0 max 100 and auto also on the manin page where you see the readings put fan speed on auto ,then let see what it look like .
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