Windows 7 WMP corrupted?

Hey, I have win 7, always worked beautifully, use wmp, and wmp classic often, as well as youtube etc. NO PROBLEMS
all of a sudden all of the above mentioned formats as well as games through steam etc, and general pc performance went choppy, and sluggish.
Spent hours trouble shooting and trying many "solutions" and no luck so far.
One thing I've noticed is when I restart my pc, and play a video right away after startup, it runs smooth and beautifully, and when I try another vid or two, on WMP startup, I see a bit of a flash in the window, and the choppiness takes over again.
I'm a big noob so idk if this is relevant.
Also, I downloaded a couple files from a torrent site recently. again, idk if its related, but it was right before the problem started so...
anyone know what this problem is, where it came from, and most importantly, how to fix it??? I haven't found anything online similar to this problem, any help is much appreciated.

thanks in advance!!!

added information:

I've recently ran a virus scan, and found a file called win32.lollipop, or something like that, and Windows Defender deleted the problem. But my original problem is still occurring exactly the same.

I`ve noticed that there is a app running in task manager `play.exe32` an app I`ve never seen before, maybe related..

things I`ve tried so far: I ran cccleaner, defrag, installed codecs, updated windows, updated drivers, reinstalled wmp
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    reinstall windows.

    If your going to download torrents don't expect much help WHEN you get infected
  2. Do a virus scan. A full system scan. I've had my system infected with a virus that caused terrible delays. Kaspersky was able to remove it once it started.

    If this system of yours is a desktop, open it up and check if the CPU heat-sink (the metal object under the CPU fan) has dust collected on it.
  3. thanks all.
  4. unksol said:
    reinstall windows.

    If your going to download torrents don't expect much help WHEN you get infected


    And you just helped me, so I WILL expect this much help. THANKS!

    re-installing windows is a breeze when you run your OS on it's own drive.
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